November 2018 Trial Classes


November 2018 Trial Classes!

Year End Party 2018

Yoga Stretch


Finding ways to improve flexibility? Want to ease some sports injuries?

Join our Yoga Stretch courses now! 

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Groove Experience Day 2018


Groove Experience Day on 05-May-2018!


And it's a wrap! 8th year and counting!

So thankful to all those who came down for our workshops! We really hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

Special thanks to all our lovely instructors and students who put in so much effort for their awesome performances! 

About Groove

Our Kind of Groovy

Groove Dance School is Singapore’s premier women’s only, boutique dance and fitness centre. Offering aerial art, pole and exotic dance, Pussycat Dolls choreography and pilates classes (just to name a few) over a range of levels, Groove promises an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for beginners and advanced students alike.

Groove Dance School’s newest addition of its 2nd studio at Groove @ Amara aims to provide all ladies more opportunities in Groove’s dance courses, to get and keep fit with dancing fun! Check out Groove’s dance courses here in both our Tanjong Pagar and Amara studios.

Groove’s offering is specialized, and we stand by this approach to ensure quality lessons that our students will properly benefit from. Led by a team of dedicated and specialized instructors, we’re all about bringing together a like-minded community of Groovettes who’re passionate about getting fitter, feeling better and looking sexier.

Our Groovy Partners

Viva Vertical is Groove Dance School’s official certification partner. Viva Vertical is member of the Aerial Arts Association of Asia (AAA Asia) as well as a partner of the Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals. They are also the leading academy in Asia to offer both AAA Asia and AASFP accredited pole dance fitness instructor certification.

Bellydance Discovery is Groove Dance School’s official performance partner, having performed together in the past two Groovy Nights in 2010. Bellydance Discovery is the Biggest Bellydance School in Singapore that runs more than 200 hours of group belly dance classes in a month over the 4 studios and offering amazing and highly entertaining dance performances by their multi-awards winning troupe, Orientales.

Getting Into the Groove...

With pole, you don't need to be fit to do it, you do it to get fit. Similarly, no dance experience is necessary for all Level 1 classes. With our expert guidance and some practice, you’ll find it remarkably easy to catch on.

The Way We Groove

We’re about quality, not quantity. If you’re fretting about lack of space, sharing a pole with two others overcrowding or inattentive instructors, cast those worries out the window. We keep our classes small to ensure everyone gets as much help as they needed, and difficult moves are always considerately broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

Also, our instructors are a friendly bunch and always happy to hang around for a chat after class. Deeply passionate about their dance specialisations, they’d gladly offer insight on their extensive teaching/performing stints. We have within our stable an esteemed pole dance competition judge, the winner of Super Import Nights 2009, as well as members of Groove’s in-demand pole performance cohort, Team Scarlett.

More About Groove

Aside from Groove’s hardware, our software is another reason why students (our Groovers and Groovettes !!) choose to learn dance at Groove. Groove’s approachable and friendly instructors are backed by many years of teaching, performing and team/dance studio management experience. Its owners are pioneers in the Singapore Salsa community and have contributed much to the Singapore Salsa scene (in terms of dance, music, event organization and more). For a list of the instructors’ participations in the salsa world, please visit Groove in the press.

Other than Salsa, Groove offers a wide array of dance classes which includes Bachata, Street Cha-Cha, Exotic Dance, Pole Dance, Belly Dance, Hip-Hop, Jazz, MTV Groove and our newest addition – Reggaeton !! Fitness classes like Cardio Salsa, Yoga, Polexercise are offered to complement dance courses so that your safety and well-being are in-check. You see, our instructors are health and safety-freaks and we arm ourselves with relevant exercise certificates to ensure we offer you a safe workout while we condition your dance muscles.

We have been showcased at Club Momo, Ministry of Sound, Hard Rock Café, Ink Club and more. Partners like American Express, Bayer Healthcare, Club Med, and, Republic Polytechnic enjoy our teaching style and have chosen us as their preferred partner in their projects. For the wholesome list of medias featuring Groove Dance School, visit Groove in the press.

Get to know us better...
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