So You Think You Can Groove 2017 - Groove In-House Event

Our in-school event SO YOU THINK YOU CAN GROOVE 2017 is back again!

Justin Tran 2017


Justin Tran is back to take beautiful photos for you!

This will take place on 15 July 2017 and it's only $350 which includes 5 poses!

If you are interested, please email in to

Girls Night Out


Past Events


Groove Dance School @ Nova

As resident performers of Club Nova, we had a team of Groovy performers performing weekly, showcasing our Groove Talents!


- Pole Dancers

- Aerial Silk Dancers

- Aerial Hoop Dancers


Pole dance at Nova

Pole dance at Nova

Aerial silk at Nova

Pole dance at Nova

Aerial hoop at Nova

Course Registration
Click on any of the following dance categories for the dance class schedules!

Exotic Dance
      • Exotic Dance
            - Exotic Dance 1
            - Exotic Dance 2 (Chairs)
            - Exotic Dance 3 (Hats & Canes)
            - Exotic Dance 4 (Fans)
            - Exotic Dance 5 (Feeling Good)
            - Exotic Dance 6
            - Exotic Dance 7
            - Sassy Classy Pin-Up Gal X'mas Workshop (Chairwork)
            - Special Exotic Workshop (Chairs Routine): ‘Seduction’ by Usher
      • Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae
            - Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae (Shake It by Sistar)
            - Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae (Short Hair by AOA)
            - Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae (Like A Cat by AoA)
            - Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae (Ups & Downs by Exid)
            - Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae (Bad Girl by Ladies Code)
            - Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae (Give It To Me by Sistar)
            - Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae (I Like That by Sistar)
            - Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae (Whistle by Black Pink)
            - Korean POP Sa-Rang-Hae (Paradise by Hyolyn)
      • Diva
            - Diva Dance 1
            - Diva Dance 2
            - Diva Dance 3
            - Diva Dance 4
      • Burlesque Cabaret Showgirls
            - Burlesque Cabaret Showgirls Level 1 (Welcome to Burlesque)
            - Burlesque Cabaret Showgirls Level 2 (I am a good girl)
            - Burlesque Cabaret Showgirls Level 3 (All that Jazz)
      • Lap Dance
            - Lap Dance

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