So You Think You Can Groove 2017 - Groove In-House Event

Our in-school event SO YOU THINK YOU CAN GROOVE 2017 is back again!

Justin Tran 2017


Justin Tran is back to take beautiful photos for you!

This will take place on 15 July 2017 and it's only $350 which includes 5 poses!

If you are interested, please email in to

Girls Night Out


Past Events


Groove Dance School @ Nova

As resident performers of Club Nova, we had a team of Groovy performers performing weekly, showcasing our Groove Talents!


- Pole Dancers

- Aerial Silk Dancers

- Aerial Hoop Dancers


Pole dance at Nova

Pole dance at Nova

Aerial silk at Nova

Pole dance at Nova

Aerial hoop at Nova

How to get your GROOVE back...and sustain it? Weekly doses of dance classes in a studio environment are not enough !!

At Groove, our students engage themselves in various dance and other activities to keep the dance passion allive !!

To supplement their new dance addiction, our groovy students participate in:

• Exciting monthly GROOVY Nights (a tri-monthly themed party complete with workshop, student
   performances and social dancing)
• Overseas Salsa and other dance excursions/workshops/bootcamps (by local and foreign
• Student-organised events such as cooking classes, birthday parties, hen nights, Sentosa
   Salsa by the Beach, and more.

Here's a glimpse of just how hard we've been grooving these past months...
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Safra Exclusive Ladies' Event

Intructors Fi, Elaine, Eleanor & Tiff help ladies get in touch with their sexy side!

April Groovy Night @ Upper Club - Wild, Wild West!

Complete with Line Dancing workshop, Groovers & Groovettes partied at a groovy new venue for the Apirl Groovy NIght. Themed the Wild, Wild, West, the party offered 7 exciting perfomances including international performances from Cuba & Australia.

Workshops by Miss Pole Dance Australia, Ms. Jamilla Deville @ Groove

Jamilla - Miss Pole Dance Australia and founder of International Pole Dance Federation - offered Exoitc & Pole Dance workshops at Groove Dance School in April 2008

Groove performances in the 1st quarter of 2008.

From St. James Power Station to Royal Scotts Plaza to churches...Groove was busy touring the entire nation with Salsa, Exotic & Pole performances.

X'mas @ The Movies @ DXO: Sunday, 16th Dec 2007

One year of groovy night @ DXO and we're still partying hard! To mark the year end, we offered our groovy supporters 12 performances, 2 workshops, 3 DJs, 16 Oscars and best x'mas wishes from Groove to you! See you in 2008!

 Photo Gallery
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