New Studio Groove@Pearl

Groove Dance School is moving to Pearl's Hill Terrace! 

Thank you for all the love and support at Amoy Street!
Join us at Groove@Pearl from 04-Mar-2019 onwards!

Duo Pole (Beginner)

Looking for new challenges with your best pole buddy?

Come join our 8-weeks Duo Pole (Beginner) Workshop starting on 7-Mar-2019, Thursdays, 8.45pm - 9.45pm, at our new studio Groove @ Pearl located at 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Criteria: Suitable for ladies who are comfortable with invert and able to do 2 or more climbs.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Feb 2019 Trial Classes

February 2019 Trial Classes

Pole Beginner 1⁣

27-Feb, Wed, 12:45pm⁣

Spinning Pole (Beginner)⁣

26-Feb, Tue, 12:30pm⁣

Aerial Silk Beginner 1 ⁣

24-Feb, Sun, 8am⁣

Past Events


Groovy Year End Party 2018


Groovy Year End Party 2018!

(Full photos are found on Groove facebook page

How to get your GROOVE back...and sustain it? Weekly doses of dance classes in a studio environment are not enough !!

At Groove, our students engage themselves in various dance and other activities to keep the dance passion allive !!

To supplement their new dance addiction, our groovy students participate in:

• Exciting monthly GROOVY Nights (a tri-monthly themed party complete with workshop, student
   performances and social dancing)
• Overseas Salsa and other dance excursions/workshops/bootcamps (by local and foreign
• Student-organised events such as cooking classes, birthday parties, hen nights, Sentosa
   Salsa by the Beach, and more.

Here's a glimpse of just how hard we've been grooving these past months...
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Singapore Salsa Festival: Friday, 19th Oct - 21st Oct 2007

Other than co-sponsoring the Singapore Salsa Festival this year, Groove also taught and prsented 2 performances.

Spooky Groovy Night @ DXO - Sunday, 7th Oct 2007

She-devils, Vampy Vapires and Phantoms partied all nite. This groovy night offered 6 performances including Salsa, Hip-Hop, Exotic & Pole Dance.

Exotic Extravaganza @ Groove - Saturday, 18th August 2007

What do you get with a roomful of Groovy Exotic ladies? A whole load of fun and dance.

Malaysian Salsa Festival @ Lumut - 9th - 12th August 2007

Groove Dance School and its bus-load of groovy students brave hours on the road (well, some opted for air travel) to this truly exciting, truly Asian Salsa Festival. Photography by James Quah, Jenson & Joseph.


Groove's first closed-dance competition saw 12 beginner and intermediate student teams pushing themselves to compete among themselves for the championship title.

 Photo Gallery
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