Groove Experience Day 2018


Groove Experience Day on 05-May-2018!


We have a series of trial workshops for you ladies!

At S$10/pax, it includes 2 workshops!

After the workshops, we have performances by our lovely students and instructors!

Unlimited Pole and Aerial Practice package


Enjoy our unlimited Pole/ Aerial Practice package during off peak hours (10am - 5pm)!

Private Classes


Past Events


Groove Dance School @ Nova

As resident performers of Club Nova, we had a team of Groovy performers performing weekly, showcasing our Groove Talents!


- Pole Dancers

- Aerial Silk Dancers

- Aerial Hoop Dancers


Pole dance at Nova

Pole dance at Nova

Aerial silk at Nova

Pole dance at Nova

Aerial hoop at Nova

How to get your GROOVE back...and sustain it? Weekly doses of dance classes in a studio environment are not enough !!

At Groove, our students engage themselves in various dance and other activities to keep the dance passion allive !!

To supplement their new dance addiction, our groovy students participate in:

• Exciting monthly GROOVY Nights (a tri-monthly themed party complete with workshop, student
   performances and social dancing)
• Overseas Salsa and other dance excursions/workshops/bootcamps (by local and foreign
• Student-organised events such as cooking classes, birthday parties, hen nights, Sentosa
   Salsa by the Beach, and more.

Here's a glimpse of just how hard we've been grooving these past months...
 Photo Gallery
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April's Groovy Night -- Sat, 8th April 2006

Dressed in Pink and/or Purple, dancers were entertained with performances, workshops, and, fun and games. This event will repeat on the first Saturday of July, September, November & January @ Zenden, Gallery Hotel, 76 Robertson Quay.

Groove's Open House -- Saturday, 25th Mar 2006

Groove opens our new studio and offered excitign dance workshops, performances and refreshments.

Groove's Performance @ Club Momo -- Feb & April 2006

Groove dancers were invited to perform Salsa and Exotic Dance @ Club Momo on 2 seperate occassions.

Groove's Salsa Social @ Sentosa Beach -- February 2006

Sun, sand, sea...and Salsa! Dressed in beach gear, Groovers and Groovettes 'salsa-ed' the day away and added some fun lap-dancing too !!

Groove's Chairwork Workshop @ Aglio Olio -- February 2006

Another exciting get-together -- Exotic ladies learnt 'spicy' chairwork routine to complement their spicy pasta dinner !!

 Photo Gallery
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