November 2018 Trial Classes


November 2018 Trial Classes!

Year End Party 2018

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Finding ways to improve flexibility? Want to ease some sports injuries?

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Past Events


Groove Experience Day 2018


Groove Experience Day on 05-May-2018!


And it's a wrap! 8th year and counting!

So thankful to all those who came down for our workshops! We really hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

Special thanks to all our lovely instructors and students who put in so much effort for their awesome performances! 

How to get your GROOVE back...and sustain it? Weekly doses of dance classes in a studio environment are not enough !!

At Groove, our students engage themselves in various dance and other activities to keep the dance passion allive !!

To supplement their new dance addiction, our groovy students participate in:

• Exciting monthly GROOVY Nights (a tri-monthly themed party complete with workshop, student
   performances and social dancing)
• Overseas Salsa and other dance excursions/workshops/bootcamps (by local and foreign
• Student-organised events such as cooking classes, birthday parties, hen nights, Sentosa
   Salsa by the Beach, and more.

Here's a glimpse of just how hard we've been grooving these past months...
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Groovy Night - School's Out! - 21st Aug 2010

Groove's done it again! School's OUT Groovy Night was a blast and had almost 400 pax filling up DXO on the 21st Aug 2010. We had students, instructors & performers from three schools coming together to make this happen.

Groovy Skating Saturday

Skating at East Coast Park on 26th June 2010. Our Groovettes join us for a night of skating at ECP with some of the best Skating instructors. Most of them went back knowing how to stand up on the skates at least :)

Groove's Team Scarlet engaged by Resort World Sentosa to

Groove's performing Team entertain the crowd during the break. between the soccer matches at Resort World Sentosa. The crowd was amazed by what 4 girls can do on 2 poles. The first of it's kind in Singapore over at RWS.

Groove at Super Import Night Singapore Pole Dance Championship 2009

Our Groovy students competed at 2009 Singapore's largest Open Pole Dance Championship held at Singapore Expo during Super Import Nights. Come see Groove emerge with Champion Position and 2nd Runner up amongst all the dancing schools in Singapore.

Bellydance Fantasia Concert

Come check out our Bellydance partner's Bellydance Fantasia Concert held by Bellydance Discovery. It was an amazing night to remember.

 Photo Gallery
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